Comments about Double Triangles


"The double mystery, thus, the meaning of the title. I liked the use of actual names of familiar places. It was easy to get pulled in to anticipating the plot." - Ruth Vaugh 

"A page-turner which kept me on the edge of my seat. A few surprising twists. Love that it took place in my hometown." - Margaret Gunn 

"This is a great read. Once I started it I could not put I down. Captivating and kept my interest the entire time. On edge of seat a couple of times. Great Book. Congratulations and job well done." - Vernetta Patton 

You will never guess the ending. It's an easy read. You won't want to put it down.." - Linda Legel 

"I just finished reading Double Triangles. What an AMAZING story! When will book 2 come out? Great job friend Jeanette!!!" - Nicole Fields 

"This is a great book. Jeanette Pope is a wonderful author. I can't wait until her next book comes out." - June Wade 

"I love it! It was a good day. READERS: Be on the lookout for the sequel to Double Triangles, Desperate Angles. Once you start it, You will NOT put it down! It's coming soon!"  - Julia Royston

double triangles



Spring season is the time for celebrations in Louisville, Kentucky. The city is filled with excitement and anticipation of the world famous Kentucky Derby. However, the city’s Derby activities will be lost on Danielle Johnston, who is returning to Louisville to bury her 23-year-old-sister. But the grief of her sister’s death is only the beginning of many unresolved problems she will face during her brief stay in her hometown. One of the unavoidable problems she will face is the handsome Kevin Williams, who will try to convince Danielle to rekindle their love affair. But there is also a deadly ghost, waiting for Danielle’s return. This evil spirit wants to end her life.



Publisher: Royal Media & Publishing

Publication date: April 26, 2017

Print length: 240 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0998715414

excerpt from double triangles

No, her brain screamed, something was slamming in the kitchen. To add to her horror she realized 
that she had not been in the kitchen. Taking the gun from under the pillow, she decided to investigate 
this strange sound. Cautiously she crept down the small hall which she thought led to the kitchen. 
Another troubling thought entered her mind was that she didn’t know where the light switches were 
in the room. As Danny entered the room, she could see that the back door was open and the wind was 
causing it to bang against the house. But before she could move to close the door, lightning flashed 
again revealing wet footprints on the tiled floor leading to what looked like a pantry. She raised the 
gun when she realized that she was standing by the pantry’s open door. 
All of a sudden she felt a piercing pain in her left shoulder,